Eternal God, our Father,

Behold, You are God and besides you, there is no other God.  We give you thanks today for who you are.  You, Oh Lord are full of compassion and you abundantly pardon our iniquities.  We thank you, Oh, Lord.

Father, we come to you with humble hearts seeking forgiveness of sins.  Lord, help us to turn our hearts towards you.  We look to you, oh Savior of all the earth.  Today, as we approach your throne of grace, grant unto us mercy in these trying times.  We pray today that the eyes and the hearts of the people of this nation will be opened to the truth of the goodness and the love you demonstrated when you sent your Son, Jesus Christ into the world to die for us all.  We are so thankful to have access to Eternal Life.  Thank you, Oh God for providing the Way.  We ask that you continue to watch over our nation and keep Canada safe, in the Name of Jesus.



































A Word From Our Pastor.

Everyone deserves a place where they are accepted, and a group they can contribute to. CHORAC is that place! Worship is not just what we do, it is who we are, our lifestyle. Fellowship is not only a foundation established to bring us together, it is our social network.

There is one thing missing at CHORAC – you – because at our church, we all belong.

CornerStone is a place where everyone is appreciated and individual values are shared.

Let's Connect.

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