Pastors Desmond and Andrea HutchinsonIt is such a pleasure to welcome you to this online portal to CornerStone House of Refuge Church.  Technologies have advanced to such an extent that you can learn about us even before we meet face to face.  I encourage you to move through our various pages and discover why you should be a part of this growing ministry.

Having been called to the pastorate a short time ago, it has been a tremendous opportunity filled with great excitement for me and my wife Andrea.  The challenge is great but we believe in the value of this ministry.  The Apostle Paul in one writing charges leaders to fulfill all responsibilities entrusted to them.  I am fully persuaded that in this season, God has prepared me and He will continue to empower our leaders to develop a new generation for his honour and glory.  We see the accomplishment of this plan through a concerted effort to reach as many people in our community through the many means possible, to recognize the various needs of our city and be a catalyst in delivering solutions and finally to coach members of our congregation to share their gifts and talents.

I met my wife Andrea over 30 years ago at a social event for a mutual friend.  A few moments of chat that day turned to casual meetings at youth conventions and retreats in her city and mine (we lived 400 Km apart).  As a young man my ambitions were always towards ministry and I asked God for someone that shared those aspirations and He gave me Andrea.  Eventually we saw a future together, after almost 27 years of marriage and two sons here we are, Pastor and First Lady.  God does work upon the good desires of your heart!

You can become a vibrant member of CornerStone today.  We are a caring and enthusiastic group of people.  Our hearts are filled with anticipation about the next move of God.  We are expecting and believing it is our time for an abundant downpour of blessings.  At CornerStone you are valued and your values are shared with others.  This is where you need to be!