Our History

“The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places”
-Habbukuk 3:17-19

Elder Edgar Wilson was pasturing in Montreal, Quebec but felt the leading of the Lord to start a Church in Ottawa. Yielding to the Holy Ghost, he left his position in Montreal and started prayer meeting with his family and a few saints who lived in Ottawa.

The meetings were held on Tuesday nights in the basement of the Wilson’s family home. Visiting us at that time were Bishop Senior from Jamaica/Toronto, and other saints from the church in Montreal who lived in Ottawa. The presence of the Lord was strong among us and the attendance grew rapidly. Some among us were having some difficulty in finding a suitable place to worship on weekends and they began urging us to take the next step.

The rapid growth of saints forced us to seek more suitable accommodations and the Lord led us to hold prayer meetings in the community centre on Shillington Ave and the membership continued to grow. The Saints were not only coming in ones and twos but groups of four and six! We now realized that the Lord wanted us to establish a church for His Name sake. We were careful not to invite any member from the existing churches, but they came anyways. Some have never Left! Elder Wilson who provided the leadership for the group, after seeking God for direction; together they decided to officially launch the ministry we are now a part of.

On Easter Monday, April 1992 we met at Cahill community centre, prayed, then from the existing group, selected the following officers: Elder Wilson as Pastor, Eranston Pryce as Elder, Evangelist Wilson as Women/Missionary Group Leader, Emelina Grant as Secretary, and Victor Whilby as Head Deacon. With the assistance of Brother Quinton we were able to secure the Baptist church on Woodfield Crescent to be the place of worship on Sundays. Many were baptized at this church!

Deacon and Evangelist Whilby offered their basement for prayer meetings on Saturday mornings at no cost to us! These prayer meetings caused the streets of Deacon and Missionary Whilby’s residence to be blocked with cars. Many received the holy Ghost in the prayer meetings, some of whom are still worshipping in this city today!

With the growth of the church it became necessary to get a more convenient and larger place of worship. Brother Quinton who was one of our members at that time contacted City View United church on our behalf.

With the Lord on our side, they agreed to allow us to use their building on Sundays and Friday nights. Our meetings were well attended and if you were late coming to the Young People’s meeting you could find yourself outside the area used for this service. The Pastor and Assistant Pastor were very supportive. They allowed us to use the building for more than what we had asked and included our church membership in their system for the provision of “Christmas Hampers through the Christmas Exchange.

In 1992, we were granted a Federal Charter to have religious services and a Christian School. Three years later (1995) with just two students, CornerStone Academy of Biblical Studies (CABS) was launched. This contributed greatly to our success. After worshipping at City View for three years, God opened the way for us to acquire the building that we now worship in, which was formerly the Elmdale Theatre. Our departure from City View United Church was very sad, but God wrought a miracle for us to purchase this building. By the grace of God and the cooperation of the saints we were able to make the changes necessary to convert it to what it is today. How we were able to raise an almost impossible mortgage is a story for another day! Sufficient to say: IT WAS GOD AGAIN TO OUR RESCUE! So here we are still worshipping a God who never fails!!! What challenges we will face in the future? We do not know, but this we are sure of “HE DID NOT BRING US HERE TO LEAVE US!”

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