Our Vision

  • To bring glory to God through the establishment of Christian ministry that empowers individuals by emphasizing the development of their body, soul and spirit.
  • To bring glory to God by empowering our community by sharing with them the Word of God.
  • To bring glory to God through an effective ministry that restores those who are broken, destitute, or fainting.


Our Mission

  • To establish a community involvement mechanism whereby the Church can influence community development and awareness in the person of Jesus Christ.
  • To be a beacon in the restoration of Apostolic Power in the Church
  • To be a catalyst in restoring the fellowship between each person and their God
  • To initiate and maintain friendship alliances between all faith organizations within the region of our borders.
  • To establish infrastructures that will house and support the well-being of seniors, youth and business ventures.


Our Core Values

  •  We treat each person with fairness and respect.
  • We love others as we do ourselves.
  • We give each person the opportunity to develop in their calling and gifting/talent and therefore fulfill their Divine destiny.
  • We succeed by working together.
  • We assess each person not on status, race or ethnicity, rather on their ability to forgive.